Why strong work ethics is important and adds value to the company and the clients?

If you search Wikipedia, you will find the definition that work ethic is a belief that work and diligence have a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue or value to strengthen character and individual abilities. 

In reality, the perceptions of the public, the clients, competition and the way companies operate, often come down to the work ethics. Ethics in the workplace is also reflected in how the organization treats the customers and suppliers, how the employees interact with others, how they perform tasks, and how they communicate internally and externally. A truly ethical workplace must shape ethical behaviour from the top-down and from the inside out. But how do we really build strong workplace ethics? 

Annual workshops 

In Axapta Masters, every year we are holding internal workshops on topics related to communications and presentations skills, cybersecurity and of course for work ethics especially in the field of information ethics. These workshops are helping us guide the employees and help them grow as the team and the whole company grows. Also, as an ISO Certified company, we are consistent in the high-quality delivery of services internally and externally for extended networks and end customers. Because most of the projects require handling clasified information, Including monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving the company’s information security management systems and of our clients, our employees must be focused and sharp in their information ethics.


If responsibility, efficiency, and professionalism are combined in one place – we can talk about work ethic in all of it’s dimensions of realization. As individuals, we often see taking responsibility as a one-way street. In fact, the responsibility always has as many sides as there are parties in its fulfilment and is the foundation from which ethics and success come from.

Just as employees are aware of the responsibilities, their conscientious work and handling of highly sensitive information, at the same time it is the responsibility of a company to educate and protect its employees, as well as the clients they deliver services to. Efficiency and professionalism are just upgrades to the experience that is built by the conscious and responsible work of a group of individuals, who together will make a successful and growing company.

Our success as a company is based on excellent internal educational processes, whose focus in recent years is on personal skills and their development. For which as a professional in the field of human resources, I can say that besides the fact that here we create experts to work with the latest Microsoft Dynamics technologies, we also create great communicators and wonderful personalities, with whom it is a pleasure to work with.

Biljana Talevska, Lead Recruitment & Talent Development Specialist


In the last two weeks, our colleague Biljana made sure that the employees and company’s goals are lined up, that everyone feels comfortable working remotely or from the office, and everyone has even better communication and presentations skills. This way our team members can lead and work on different projects, communicate with clients from all over the world and solve challenges. 

We mustn’t forget that in every workplace, managers can help encourage work ethics and bring a positive change in the work culture. So we decided to share some points from the workshops that are worth mentioning:

7 examples of how managers can help the team and encourage strong work ethics

  1. Setting clear goals and objectives for the projects;
  2. Mentoring the employees and offering guidance;
  3. Leading by example;
  4. Creating a working environment that is suitable for everyone;
  5. Understanding the employee’s needs;
  6. Creating a culture for giving feedback as a two-way street;
  7. Motivating employees by recognising and rewarding them for great work and collaboration. 

Tips for employees better performance and developing strong work ethics

  1. Build persistence and try to stay focused on tasks for as long as necessary to get them done;
  2. Don’t procrastinate and finish your tasks in a timely and efficient manner;
  3. Be professional and respectful of your teammates, and work to develop a reputation of being an honest, hard and smart worker;
  4. Create a work-life balance, because it is the key to being focused at work, being a better performer and have time for yourself;
  5. Last but not least, be on time for important meetings and office hours,

The real value of strong workplace ethics

With the promotion of honest and hard-working employees in productivity-driven work culture, at the same time with a strong work ethic to start internally, employees will be even more motivated and will use these decent and fair driving principles to increase overall positive company spirit, ultimately enhancing the reputation of the organization. As we mentioned at the beginning, this will help the company to ensure long-term success, and positive perceptions of the public, the clients, and even the competition.


If you are interested in working within a dynamic company culture, be part of a knowledge-sharing community, Axapta Masters is the right place for you 😉

Check out the open positions here and don’t hesitate to send us your application. 

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