The story of Bojan Dimitrievski – Delivery Manager at Axapta Masters

It’s a pleasure every time we talk with Bojan and hearing his side of the story as a delivery manager. As part of our company’s strongest assets, he makes sure that the client projects go smooth, and our team members tasks are finished and more than perfect. Delivery or Project managers as Bojan, oversee the team’s work, facilitate meetings, and ensure that products and services Axapta Masters provides satisfy the end consumers. Read more about Bojan’s story and his advice on the potential new colleagues for starting a career in Dynamics AX as part of Axapta Masters.

Bojan, can you tell us about how you started working for Axapta Masters?

Indeed, it is quite a short story. A very good friend of mine contacted me if I am interested to join Axapta Masters as a Delivery Manager. He knew about my previous job, and what type of profile Axapta Masters is looking for, so that is how we match. Back then I was exploring some new challenges, and with such strong and trustful recommendation, it was an easy decision to do the move.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing/solving as a Delivery Manager?

Delivery or Project Manager is becoming quite a complex role and subject of various interpretations that may vary from one to another company. Usually, you are positioned somewhere between customers and your team, and the main challenge is to play that orchestra by keeping everyone satisfied. Sometimes you must stand for your team but sometimes you need to advocate the customer’s position.

There are plenty of other challenges, but those are part of the job and I’m enjoying being part of the solution 🙂

According to you, which are the 3 most important skills for success in the Dynamics AX world?

I will start with the basics – Communication – as this is what you do most of your time. You must be able to articulate what your team needs to do, but also all other stakeholders involved in the project – customers, partners, contractors, other vendors… You need to make sure that the right person is assigned with right tasks and possesses all the needed information and skills to deliver it on time, budget, and quality.

Technical and Business knowledge are going hand-in-hand as two very important skills for you to succeed in the AX world. For developers and functional consultants, they are of course mandatory, but I would say that Project/Delivery Managers could benefit a lot from these skills. 

No matter what your role is, you are faced with issues and situations on daily basis, and only with the approach of critical thinking, you will be in a position to form objective and unbiased judgments. And that’s what our customers expect from us.

What are your ambitions for the future? Professionally, where do you want to be in 3 years?

Well, I still see myself in Axapta Masters, but a bigger one, at least twice than we are today. I truly believe we have a great future, that all our masters will have a chance to realize their potential and ambition as part of this company – by growing their technical and soft skills. If we continue working hard towards achieving ours and our customer’s goals, I expect to see many new logos in our portfolio – and hopefully some big local Macedonian brand.

Last but not least, I expect expansion in the variety of services we are providing to our customers, in order to meet their business needs and help them in achieving their strategic goals.

What would you advise a potential new colleague for starting a career in Dynamics AX as part of Axapta Masters?

This is what I am always trying to explain to our candidates during the interview. Choosing and implementing an ERP and CRM system is a strategic company decision that may last for decades. Microsoft has recognized that commitment and is working hard to justify that trust continuously investing in all its products, including Dynamics 365, by incorporating the latest technologies and developing great improvements, features, and functionalities for their and our customers. Axapta Masters, as Microsoft Gold Partner, is part of that journey, and our latest contribution is MKLocalization that we developed, allowing companies operating in Macedonia to purchase Dynamics 365 F&O and use it in Macedonian language with adopted Macedonian legislative.

Thus, to keep pace with Microsoft and continue providing great services, we invest in our employees by empowering them to grow and improve their skillset in areas they have chosen as their career path. This can be done by various certification programs we purchase, internal live or on-demand training, or R&D initiatives.

So, our employees are never getting bored of the technology – no matter if they have 1, 5 or 10 years of experience in Dynamics AX, there is always something new you need to learn and be better at.

Now I believe it’s more than clear that choosing Dynamics AX is a career long-term decision, and Axapta Masters is the right place for you to start or continue that journey.


Well, that was quite inspiring! As Bojan said, if you are interested in potential career opportunities in the world of AX, check out our careers page and the open vacancies. We’ll gladly schedule a call and discuss your potential future as part of our Masters.

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