The importance of Soft Skills at work – AXM Workshop

We are ending the third week already with successful organized Soft Skills Workshops behind us, as recently we started investing time to simply assure that every employee at Axapta Masters feels comfortable and happy in their everyday working environment.

Our lovely colleague and HR Pro Biljana started her self-made program dedicated to improving employees soft skills. It started as a simple idea and it becomes an internal company project with a strong purpose, where we believe it will bring much better communication among colleagues.

soft skills axm

Good communication, time management, and organization, resolving conflicts and avoiding violent and negative talks, how to articulate your own impulses and aspirations in a socially acceptable way, wake up soft skills and make a positive career experience are only some of the themes discussed during the workshop. All of the participants have a chance to speak their thoughts loudly and we are happy we heard them once they continued to talk about it even 40 minutes after the meeting has ended. Feeling comfortable with others and have sincere support from your colleagues while resolving the hardest tasks is more than important.

As a fast-growing company, we understand that following the needs of every employee and team up is ‘’a must’’ for growing a healthy company climate.

soft skills

Digital transformation makes its own environment, but it’s up to us not to forget our feelings and behavior to make sure everyone will leave the office after eight hours with positive vibes. We came from different places, with different experience and after every weekend we meet again at one place to achieve our goals. That’s why it’s important to feel more than just ‘nice’. 🙂

Focusing on technical skills only answers the question “what we do” but not and “how we do it” and because of that, interpersonal and soft skills are essential.

We want to share our positive mood these days with you and remind you that all of us have those skills that can bring joy for many.

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