Why are the team-buildings important?

Success doesn’t happen by chance. It takes strategic actions to build a continuum of the company’s goal that leads to success. With strong collaboration and teamwork, you can achieve your highest goals. 

In our story, one of the keys to business success comes from our employees’ happiness. Wondering how is that a case in AXapta Masters? 

As a company, we strive to provide our employees with a positive working culture where they can work in teams and join their forces and skills towards achieving the common goals. One of our top priorities is creating and nurturing those bonds that make a group of seemingly random people with different backgrounds to feel and act like a family to each other. 

We can’t wait for May or September to come, because those are the months when as a tradition the whole AXapta Masters team is going to team-building. So those three days out of office, we are working together as a team on different, fun, and more challenging activities. That is what team-building it’s all about. 

axapta masters teambuilding

Last month we did another field trip in Greece, where we created together so many new, pleasant and memorable moments enjoying the beach, having sports and games competitions with a lot of excitement, laughter, and definitely lots of fun! 

Having a strong team is crucial for success, and success doesn’t happen by chance. Happy employees make happy customers because customer satisfaction directly affects our business and our employee’s well-being and that is how the cycle continues. 

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We encourage a working culture where innovation is the goal, hard work is expected, and creativity is rewarded. We like hanging out: Happy Hours, Teambuilding, Beer meetings, Sony Parties…
We continuously invest in the training and certifications
of our employees, so we can prepare them better
for the new industry challenges.
Our employees are open to learning from each other. They are our support system and provide the team environment we need in order to be successful.
You’ll work on challenging international projects
and strive to find the right way to solve the problem.
Travel to onsite locations is included.