The benefits of becoming an Axapta Master

What is employee retention, and how is Axapta Masters mastering employee retention?

The ability of a company or an organization to retain its employees and avoid employee turnover is referred to as employee retention. We all know that retaining your best employees will help your company remain agile in a fast-paced, rapidly evolving marketplace and be competitive on the market. But for that to happen, the benefits should be mutual. Successful companies are constantly coming out with strategies for offering their employees a climate in which they can flourish. We are not an exception.

As Simon Sinek said, “When we take care of our people, our people take care of our business.” And we must admit that the care for our employee’s wellbeing and work-life balance is one of our top priorities. That is the reason why we have created different company activities and programs that are helping us nurture personal growth and team bonding, making our employees feel valued and cared for, both within and outside the working hours.   

What are the benefits that make our Masters feel empowered, thrive, and exhibit a masterful performance? See for yourself:

Employees’ benefits

Professional and personal growth training and workshops, additional courses and certifications

At Axapta, we constantly track performance and identify areas for professional and personal growth. One of those areas is upskilling – the need to learn new skills. Having in mind that the world is changing every day and in most cases, technology dictates how business requirements evolve, it’s our priority to invest in our employees’ development and learning.

Workshops held by our HR team are a representation of the creative, innovative, and educative way of growing and skill learning. For example, check out two of the latest, based on the topic of presentation and communication skills, and workplace ethics.         

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we also offer our employees various paid training and courses for gaining new abilities and competencies in the fast-evolving Microsoft Dynamics world, which culminates with acquiring a world-renowned Microsoft certificate.   

High-quality business equipment and cozy office space, with refreshments and fruits included

The workplace and the business equipment that you use and surround yourself with are tightly connected to performance. Although there is no right way for organizing them for everyone in the company, there are three main priorities around which they should be oriented: productivity, efficiency, and comfort.

Our offices, designed with clever simplicity and partition provide all of them. There is a place for everything, whether you want to work unbothered, have a meeting, hang out and share new ideas, have lunch or a healthy snack, or just want to take a break. Moreover, we use the latest and greatest in hardware and technology, so it goes without saying that you’ll be provided everything you need for doing your top-tier job. Check our corporate video and get a sense from our daily activities! 

Put simply, you may find yourself enjoying the coziness and ergonomics while working with the newest technology, but if you are feeling worn out, you can prevent daily “burnout” with a break at the pool table, or eating fruit in the common area, or just hydrate and hang out. Charge your batteries and, in the end, you’ll feel reinvigorated to return to your desk and keep up with the rest of the tasks.        

Free usage of fitness & wellness center

Besides mentally and financially, every employee wants to be physically fit. It’s as good for the business, as it is for the person. A healthy employee equals healthy behaviors and habits, and those contribute to a healthy company.

We acknowledge that going to the gym is not simply doing workouts. There are multiple benefits: it results in fewer health problems, in the long run, lesser need for sick leaves, lower stress levels in everyday life, while boosting the overall performance in the workplace and fostering teamwork. The general wellness of an employee depends on this.

Therefore, Axapta offers every employee free membership for Synergy Fitness & Spa, located within the Synergy Business Centre. We encourage you to create healthy habits! 😉

Private healthcare

Speaking of wellness, Axapta is offering something even more important to all of us – private healthcare.

Knowing that your company is always here to help you in need brings a lot to the table. It increases mutual loyalty and respect, especially because you feel like a part of a family that cares for you. At the same time the chances of developing chronic diseases or burnouts, which may result with long absences in the workplace, are significantly lowered when you are in the hands of specialists. 

Our employees receive private treatments which are quicker, have a better diagnosis, and are more comfortable and effective, while the insurance covers 100% of the medical charges. There is no dilemma when it comes to this – healthy and satisfied employees are the face of a successful company.      

Onboarding process and Mentorship programs

As a new colleague, we will take care that you are set up for success from the start. Your onboarding process will teach you not only about your job, but also about the company’s culture, goals, and mission. Furthermore, you’ll be paired with a mentor who will offer guidance and concrete knowledge in your field. This experienced individual will be always there to help you, train you, and support your ideas, while simultaneously listening to your feedback about what can be improved.

Tina Stefanovska - Microsoft Dynamics Relationships ManagerOr as our Microsoft Dynamics Relationship Manager, Tina Stefanovska, mentioned in her latest interview:

“Our company has a culture where the seniors unselfishly are sharing their knowledge with juniors, no matter if they are developers, functional consultants, HR, marketing or sales representatives. We can rely upon each other when we’re facing obstacles and challenges as we are striving to find better solutions being committed to building an encouraging, caring, and supportive environment.”

Work from Ohrid during the summer with paid accommodation

Work, as we all know it, but with more sand and sunny days? Why not?

Hop on the train of the worldwide phenomenon called “workation”. Take your laptop and escape the everyday environment, cleverly managing between your work hours and your vacation. Get a tan while getting your job done!

Axapta allows you and your colleagues to go on a 7-day workation from Ohrid, several times throughout the summer. You can enjoy the beauties of this astonishing city, which is part of UNESCO’s world heritage, without having to care about finding and paying for accommodation.  

A variety of fun activities outside of working hours*

The key to a successful work-life balance is often hidden in one precious little element called fun. It’s well known that having fun in your workplace and with your colleagues has numerous tangible benefits, such as happier and healthier individuals working together, improved communication and collaboration between teams, better creative flow, more productivity, positive company image, etc.

For that reason we organize:     

  • At least two Annual team-buildings, filled with various activities, games, workshops, parties, which bring us together, teach us how to be team players, and create friendships and unforgettable moments.

  • Afterwork hanging out every Friday, seen as recognition of a successfully finished work week and time when you can display your pool, table tennis, or console gaming skills, over a drink or two.
  • Once a month out-of-office team activities, such as sports events, laser tag, dancing, happy hours & beer meetings, for sharing ideas and re-charging our batteries.

* All of the mentioned above are depending on the Covid 19 situation and with all measures taken into consideration.

Other benefits

When it comes to building high productive, warm and friendly atmosphere in a company, we know that every little positive thing counts.    

Along with everything mentioned above, we guarantee that you will work at a place that values effort and always gives recognition for a job well done.

Also, upon onboarding, you’ll receive a welcome package, besides that, depending on your position’s requirements and with the intent to protect your privacy out of the workplace, you can get a phone with a company number.     

Become our next Master!

Did you catch our ultimate goal? It all rests on creating a creative, joyful, and flexible workplace for all employees. A place that cultivates the mindset needed for becoming a master.

You can become one of them too and enjoy these benefits they enjoy daily! Visit our career page to learn more and find out how to apply. Keep rocking!

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