The Advantages of Online Recruitment

Changes are an integral part of our lives, and as such, they are the foundation on which the whole functioning in the IT – world is based. As never before, adaptability seems to be the key to development and progress, especially in the IT industry. Continuously adapting to the changes, first mastering a technology, then facing the conditions in which a working process is happening, and at the same time having the freedom and creative perception for involving in that same process, contributing to its continuous improvement and modernization, are essential “ingredients” for the success of the IT professional.

Today,  we are witnessing one of the biggest changes that the world we live in has faced. COVID 19 and his threat brought to the test not only our personal lives but also the world’s largest industries and working processes established and grounded in our cognitive patterns hundreds of years ago.
What exactly are the changes in which the IT world has adapted on a micro-basis?

Employees in the IT companies enjoy the freedom to choose to work from home or the office, depending on their needs, even long before the pandemic.  The competence itself, for constantly dealing with the daily problems of the clients’ companies located all over the world and having the ability for finding effective solutions, are the basic tools and the “super-power” of professionals in this field. Thus, the work-location, home, or office is debatable before the competence and responsibility of an IT professional.

Recruitment, as an auxiliary branch of this industry, has survived quite successfully in this critical 2020,  but at the same time,  has faced crucial changes.  The selection of the most suitable candidate for a particular position is generally not entirely driven only by his education or the knowledge he possesses. A huge part of the decision for a suitable candidate is made by the personality of the candidate itself and the cultural compatibility with the team he comes to. Here it comes the responsibility of the recruiter who should make the most appropriate selection of the whole group of candidates, from the material sent by the candidate ( CV, Motivation Letter, etc ), and of course, the psychological assessment during the interview.

If so far,  live meetings were ideal for good personal assessment, the pandemic and the changes this year, have led to changes in the interview process itself, making the Online-tools more than useful and effective, with advantages and innovations in that same process that we are constantly improving them. So, Online –  Interviews are an absolute win in this situation!

  • Online InterviewNot only we can protect ourselves, our employees, and the applicants, but you also provide our prospects with a measure of flexibility. Asking candidates to participate in a remote interview is a commonly well-received concept. That gesture alone will most likely make them want to work in this company even more.
  • The sense of security that a candidate gets during the online interview is one of the first psychological benefits from the new process, whereby one gets the freedom of expression.
  • At the same time, the real self-confidence that the candidate is having when he enters from his field and the conditions he can control is the real advantage that gives a more realistic picture of his “world” about which we, the interviewers, always want to know more.
  • The advantage on the other hand is in saving resources, especially in shortening the time required by personal contact on both sides, which increases the possibility of seeing more candidates in a shorter time, and the selection process becomes more relevant and more objective.
  • Although subjectivity is an inevitable and indispensable part of working with people, the Online- interviews increase objectivity by allowing for a quick online test which is easier for corresponding in real-time, send real-time tasks, and solve them in real-time.
  • The assessment of the psychological part comes down to the increasing objectification of the questions themselves, which provides better opportunities for proper comparison between all candidates and certainly imposes the inevitable part of using psychological instruments for measuring personal characteristics, instead of being left to chance depending on statements and personal conditions.

Online InterviewThe truth is that the human factor stimulates creativity and makes the employees ‘ perceptual and cognitive abilities more agile, but at the situation in which the danger of 2020 puts us, we are proud that as professionals, as a team and as a company, we are ready to constantly adjust and improve our work processes.




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