Our Work From Home Experience

Working from home has become an integrated component of Axapta Masters culture for more than seven weeks, so our entire team is working remotely now – and it works!  COVID-19 did not impact us as a company, thanks to technology and great personal relationships already established, we are working as a team stronger than ever.

We are proud to be supporting our clients during challenging times like these and it is our mission to make sure everyone can stay safe whilst working from home.

Besides the whole working process, our team has a daily routine in having “virtual coffee breaks”, which is a great opportunity to share experiences about how our time in lockdown is spent.
Each of us is taking responsibility for this quality time and it is making us a better team.

Thanks to our employees for making this work!

Axapta Masters Virtual Meeting
Axapta Masters Virtual Meeting

Here is what they have to say about our ‘work from home’ experience!

This is not an issue for me. The biggest problem is that sometimes you forget what day it is. Also, a lack of social interactions can be an issue. But with two kids and wife, a got that partly covered 🙂 I like not being in a hurry to go anywhere. I found out that I can stay fit and exercise without living the home. All you need is a jump rope. 30-50 minutes of jump rope exercises will do wonders for your mental and cardiovascular health. It also can help to keep your weight down.
I discovered baking. I baked a loaf of bread, also made my pizza dough, in general, I discovered that preparing meals is a good way to keep yourself busy during the day and that housework and tending to needy kids is hard, kudos to stay at home wives 🙂


First, I check my emails, replaying on them if needed, then I make my first coffee. I am working as usual if I have some miss-understanding I ask my colleges on skype.  I tаке my lunch break at the same time as we do at the office from noon. If I have tasks, I am working on it if not I am studying for a certificate. I organize my time, do workouts in the morning after that I am starting to work. Do some yoga classes also. The biggest struggle of working from home is the loneliness and lack of human interaction. I like to Stay at pajamas all day and my one favorite “working from home” –the rule is: Use technology to communicate! I also discovered that I love to cook 😀
Simona S.


The work-from-home setup is pretty same as in the office if you don’t take into consideration that I’ve occupied my kid’s room, and that my new colleague on the left is my wife, who is also working from home…. and I don’t have an office chair, but I can live with that, for the time being… My working day starts at 7-7:30 AM and it ends around 11 p.m. These 16 hours in total are a mix from the fulfillment of my work obligations and my home obligations such as buying groceries, setting up environments for my kid’s on-line classes, home-schooling, playing with them, eating, etc… without clear boundaries where something ends and other starts. The mornings are easier without rush hours, and also, I and everybody around me don’t have issues with my hair and outfit.
Bojan P.


I have a separate room set as an office, working desk beside the window, good working and concentrating vibes, often classical music behind. As usual, wake up and get coffee at the balcony, then started to work, a short break for lunch, and go on. The separation between work and life? I clearly said I am not available from nine to five, think of me as I am at the office 😀
I will drop the first rule of working at home: never wear pajamas.



To be honest, it is much different than working in the office. There are pros, but also cons, as expected in any comparison. Long story in short – wake up, coffee, work, short break, work, #stayAtHome, #homeGym, #eatClean, #drinkWater.
Not spending time for self-preparing and the city traffic in Skopje is probably the most valuable thing to mention here, even it’s not closely related to the working, but it still impacts the work so that you are fresh. There is nothing worse than starting the day with huge traffic on the way to the office. However, I like the flexibility and think that the work can be done as high quality as working in the office, sometimes even better.
Igor J.


First thing as always a cup of coffee in the garden. Walking two steps to the “home office”.During the working hours, I do pretty much the same thing that I do when I regularly go to the offices, except that I am by myself all day which can be so boring sometimes. Taking a walk after work if possible. While working from home I mostly enjoyed that I am two steps far from my “home office” and I am not losing time traveling to work. I also enjoyed sleeping 30 minutes more in the morning.
For myself, I discovered that I have great cooking and even greater eating skills 🙂 that there is enough time to read or do something that you like if you are managing time properly and kill the laziness. Also, I figured out that I didn’t have any hobbies before the Virus expects from going out. ( I miss it tho)


It is going well and I am already used to it (except the uncomfortable kitchen chair) because I can work from comfy clothes and use a long sleep as I wake up after 8 or 8:30 am.  But I still miss the office and the morning coffee talks.
Work equipment needs to be taken out and put away at the end of the working week and to be set up every Monday morning, to maintain the balance. We all may be struggling with back pains but that can be easily managed with stretching.
Everything can be done well if it’s previously planned. So, while having the first coffee schedule your tasks for the day and award yourself with a short break after finishing one.


I have a large desk, the needed laptop and monitor, a beautiful window view, and a plant next to me. I like being in comfy clothes, being with my family, eating more quality food. I enjoy the most the food I cook 😀
And professionally wise: I can be more honest in communication with my colleagues when working from home.
Marija V.



Getting up 8:50 am. Start working at 9:00 am. Eat, work, eat, work, eat, work.
Finish work and move in the living room.
Eat again.
There is no separation between work and life at this moment.
The struggle is not to eat all the time 😀
I like the office more than I thought.
Natasha G.



Boring in the beginning, but so much better now – I realized how nice and good I can be working from home. After some period, the biggest struggle was the thinking of actually doing “nothing” because of the active life I had before the crisis, but at the same time was a huge blessing, to think a bit more of the things we do in that fast and busy life we had and in which direction those things lead and the “fact” there is always no time to think about them!



My daily working life looks like this: Calls > code > calls > code > calls and trying to not have baby screams in the background during meetings. About working from home, the most I like that I can wake up at 8 50.


Axapta Masters Team is trying its best to make things work smoothly!

We are extremely proud of our entire team for staying focused and maintaining great work ethics while working from home, showing flexibility, strength, and resilience.

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