Interview with Natasha Apostolovikj Gjorgjievska – HR Manager at Axapta Masters


Natasha recently celebrated her third year as part of Axapta Masters, and we are thrilled to have her as part of our team. As we all know the HR manager plays a huge role in every company, and especially in the IT industry that is ever-evolving and changing. She is our trusted advisor and as she says implementing new workforce initiatives is one of the best parts as an HR manager in Axapta Masters. Besides that, having the opportunity and privilege to develop and enhance people’s work development and career opportunities is what makes HR so special. Read more about Natasha’s career as part of Axapta Masters and her advice for your next career endeavors!

What do you like most about your job?

HR is a profession that covers several branches, that is, areas that need to be synchronized in one company. The cohesion of the wider range of responsibilities that this profession imposes on me gives me a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from the performance.

Also, one of the basics in the HR profession, especially lately, is precisely communicating with employees and caring for their interests and needs. This segment should be one of the foundations in every company, that is the satisfaction of the employees, the comfort they should feel, the benefits they receive. Satisfied and successful employees are the foundation of a company’s success. It is the human resources department in our company that strives and strives to meet all of the above items.

We’re also curious to know what made you choose your profession as HR in the IT industry?

To be honest, until I got a job at Axapta Masters, I did not know what it really meant to work for an IT company. This is my first experience working in an IT company, which is something of a challenge and motivation for me to get acquainted with the overall IT culture.

As a law graduate, and previous work experience in law, and then in a company in the HR sector, I had the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the laws and legal procedures, which of course makes my work much easier in terms of administration, I managed to get acquainted with the correlation of interpersonal relationships which is certainly of great influence on the present part of the work.

The culture of working in an IT company is different from any other sector, especially in terms of putting a pedestal on the most important resource, the employee, who in the IT world is especially valued not only in terms of resource but also in terms of profile, personality, and way of treatment as it should be in the whole professional world.

How would you describe the atmosphere at Axapta Masters?

Simply a combination of professionalism with comfort, which is of course set as a basic priority of the company. To maintain professionalism in every segment of the work, while having sufficient comfort in terms of the manner of performing the obligations, the place of performing them. A mix of people who are eager for challenges, always motivated and team focused.

Friendliness and a positive spirit are the basic characteristics of most of our employees, which is reflected in this new normal, which imposed the pandemic with COVID 19. All this contributed to a smooth system of joint functioning, which even in moments of Covid crisis in the past year was not shaken but remained at the level at which it functioned before. AX Masters are always at the level of fulfilling their tasks and goals!

What kind of new colleagues are you looking for at Axapta Masters?

As before, in Axapta Masters, we are looking for employees who are primarily professionals, team players, people who are ready for challenges and constant upgrading both professionally and personally, people who seek consistency and continuity in their work, which would fit seamlessly into a team that has been functioning smoothly so far.

Characters who do not give up on the first obstacle they encounter, but are even more motivated to continue with new challenges.

Do you have any tips for people who are considering Axapta Masters and Dynamics AX as their next career path?

If you want a career that offers stability, challenge, constant upgrading of your knowledge, and above all maximum professionalism, if you want a team with which you can always achieve your goals and tasks, if you want a working atmosphere in which there are comfort and a positive spirit, of course, Axapta Masters is the company that will definitely make it possible for you.

As Natasha said, if you are interested in potential career opportunities, check out our careers page and the open vacancies. We’ll be more than happy to discuss with you, your next career steps!

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