Get to know Tina Stefanovska – Microsoft Dynamics Relationship Manager at Axapta Masters


Tina Stefanovska – our Microsoft Dynamics Relationship Manager is part of the team for more than 4 years already. Taking the opportunity to speak about her time at Axapta Masters, Tina shared her personal story about her professional growth in the company, how she got into the Microsoft Dynamics community, her role, and even some productivity hacks. Read more about Tina’s story and learn how you can become part of the Microsoft Dynamics community as well. 

You are working at Axapta Masters for more than 4 years already, how did your personal and professional growth looks like as part of the company?

When I first started to work in Axapta Masters, all of my colleagues were Dynamics 365FO/AX developers and functional consultants. Being the only not-technical person at the time, it was challenging for me to adapt and learn the technologies and solutions we provide, understand the market and its needs, and to join the Microsoft Dynamics community. I started as a sales and marketing specialist, also I was helping the management in other areas when assistance was needed. Then, my daily responsibilities were decided to be focused in business development and sales activities as a priority. Nowadays, I’m working with organizing and directing the sales activities towards the company objectives, as a lead sales specialist with three other awesome teammates with who we are constantly improving our way of work in order to adapt to the constant business changes.

I can proudly say that after 4 and a half years we perfected our way on how to respond to the business changes, being able to reach the right people at the right time and to grow together with our company. We took very seriously the fact that the company growth is responsibility to the sales department, and we are striving into accomplishing the commercial objectives and achieving success.

What do you enjoy the most about your job as a Microsoft Dynamics Relationship Manager? What are the highlights of your career at AXM so far?

To be successful sales professional means to believe in the products/services you sell, which will affect your attempts in presenting the company at a highest possible level. All together gives you the confidence to assure the potential clients to continue their Microsoft Dynamics journey or start their digital transformation with us. I never had a problem with that, because the fact that we provide services of high quality is proven as my colleagues in the technical departments are devoted professionals with great knowledge and expertise.

It’s always a win when some of the international companies we target becomes an account with which we have long-term and strong relationships as a result of the high quality of services we provide, but for me the highlight is the ability to maintain an excellent communication and collaboration with my team in challenging times.

What company values are important to you? How do you experience those values here at Axapta?

Axapta Masters has many company values I can relate to, but most of all, the environment, the sharing knowledge culture and the coherence between the people are very important to me as an individual. Our company has a culture where the seniors unselfishly are sharing their knowledge with juniors, no matter if they are developers, functional consultants, HR, marketing or sales representatives. We can rely upon each other when we’re facing obstacles and challenges as we are striving to find better solutions being committed to building an encouraging, caring, and supportive environment.

Staying focused always brings positive results. What are your daily productivity hacks?

Great organization set up is a key in maintaining an up line in sales. Being organized and focused is paramount to making sure workloads are managed effectively and that every member of our teams is collaborating effectively to reach the ultimate commercial objectives of the daily operations. So, here are a few tips that helped me to be more productive:

– Don’t forget to consider the weekly/monthly objectives and always have a plan for your daily activities;

– Don’t multitask, do every single thing separately, and after finishing it start another, not before 🙂 this is very helpful if you have an enormous workload and you don’t know where to start. Always start from the beginning, and follow the track by priority;

– Be prepared, foresee the difficult situations you might encounter and you will always have a head start into how they can be effectively solved.

In your opinion, why do you think that Axapta Masters would be a great opportunity for someone who wants to build a career in Dynamics AX?

Besides the fact that they will learn a lot from the best people (chose not to be modest here 😊 ) at a great set working environment, they will acquire a winning set of skills that can help most of the companies (who have of course chosen to work with Microsoft Dynamics). By acquiring those skills, that belong to different kind of domains, they will learn how to improve, optimize and use the most of the applications. Gaining a business applicable knowledge, understanding of business processes and expertise that is greatly needed and necessary in the Dynamics world.


If you want to work in a company with a great work environment where you will acquire a winning set of skills, Axapta Masters is a real choice for you. Check out the open vacancies on our careers page. We’d be happy to help you in deciding on your future professional path!

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