Gender does not determine success

Тo become a pilot – you must learn to fly a plane and figuratively speaking, to have the desire to “fly”.
As a species, neither men nor women have wings and that kind of ability, but only an idea and desire, and some of us even a fear. And what exactly makes pilots – pilots or programmers – programmers? The same – profession and professionalism and all the details that make one professional successful in what he does, never unrelated to gender or affiliation, unless affiliation and community have contributed to redefining the decisions that man wears them for what he wants to do.
As professionals, what are we if we fight as women or brag that we have managed to fight for like men? Professionalism, seen in this context, means striving to objectify all decisions and actions, equating them more by profession than by the person or authority from which they emanate.

Axapta Masters is a company in which 60% of the employees are female, what we are proud of and what it says about success in overcoming the threshold of making a difference by the affiliation that is not related to professional skills. 

Being awake as a company that values women as a customer and as an employee, and the opportunities for women in IT are endless. The future for women in tech depends on the IT industry’s ability to inspire young women to study computing and technology throughout their school careers, and then go on to apprenticeships and degrees in these subjects.

We do not do business with a company – we do business with people we like and trust!

Ivana Arsova
Microsoft Dynamics AX Developer

As an employee in a gender-balanced company, I could say that Axapta Masters is a place that provides opportunities for people’s growth besides professional development.

I believe that a diversity of people in one company leads to improved teamwork, better ideas and improved communication skill levels.

So, don’t be afraid to share your ideas, believe in yourself, recognize and embrace your uniqueness, your gender should not be a barrier in the IT industry!

Tina Stefanovska
Microsoft Dynamics Relationship Manager

Being a woman in the IT industry for more than 5 years has taught me that if you want to be successful and feel accomplished, you have to work hard and stay focused on your goal, and it is as simple as it sounds.

In Axapta Masters, every employee has equal access to career advancement opportunities, and the fact that we have more women than men employed, only shows that gender biases are unfounded.



Nena Mijovska
.NET Developer

I have been working in IT companies that value the importance and knowledge of women’s presence. Throughout history women have been fighting for what we have today, that working in a healthy environment should not be perceived as a privilege, it should be a human right to women in all industries and not only in IT.

So, please remind yourself and all-female colleagues that not only today but each day we should keep supporting and believing in the strength and force that we bring into the workplace.

I think we should empower women to take a bigger part in the IT industry because programing is way too important to be left only to men.

So, unification by professionalism may slow creativity down to the middle of the probable curve, but from the point where it is reached to the highest level – it gives complete freedom to act as a professional, not as a woman, not as a man or a member of any other classification or group, but as a successful profile built in her profession, which would only struggle with the tools it provides.
Therefore, if you are fighting in the field you know best, fight as a professional, not as a man, not as a woman, because only the valuation by success can make a real difference between peers.

As a part of our appreciation, on this year’s International Women’s Day, we gave gifts as small attention to our female employees. We encourage them more than ever to break boundaries and grow with us!

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