Elena Rtoska our skyrunning superstar

We are extremely proud of our skyrunning superstar Elena Rtoska and her achievements during this year. She successfully finished races in Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Switzerland, France, and Italy winning 6 first places.

We are happy that you are part of the Axapta Masters team and thrilled to celebrate your success.

Keep going, girl!

What is skyrunning?

Skyrunning is a sport of mountain running up to or exceeding 2,000 meters (6,600 ft) where the minimum average incline is 6% over the total distance and at least 5% has an incline of 30% or more. The climbing difficulty does not exceed II grade UIAA.  The sport comprises a number of different disciplines from the short, steep Vertical Kilometre to the more popular Sky Race, Sky Marathon and Ultra Sky Marathons.

After 3 years of Skyrunning, I can say that running is what I need to feel fulfilled. The steep terrain, the technical trails, and the lung-searing thin air will challenge your body (and mind) like nothing else.

Tell us about your achievements in 2022

As a result of regular and more intensive training, this year I successfully finished races in Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Switzerland, France, and Italy, of which 6 first places and 2-second places, such as:

-National mountain running championship 12km 600D+

-Winter Enipeas 24km 1750D+

-Relay Ultra Kassios Dias Part 1 37km 2650D+

-Vodno Trail 27km 1360D+

-ISTRIA by UTMB Yellow 42km 970D+

-Ohrid Ultra Trail Samotska Trail Marathon 40km 2000D+

-Titov Vrv Sky Race 10km 850D+

-Pelister Unique Trail Marathon-PUTM 20km 1110D+

-UTMB Mont Blanc OCC 56km 3500D+

-Skyrunning World Championships Rampigada Vertical 3.8km 1063D+

-Skyrunning World Championships La Veia SkyRace 31km 2600D+

That is fascinating Elena. Can you give us more details about the races?

I am very satisfied with the result of the Greek race Relay Ultra Kassios Dias which was a relay race in Corfu, a Greek island that is the second largest of the seven largest Ionian islands. The race was with unattainable views, thick vegetation, beautiful beaches, and technical terrain with many climbs and descents. It was hard but at the same time, I enjoyed it. I ran the first part of the race and I finished as a second woman in addition to really experienced and successful women in mountain running.

ISTRIA by UTMB Yellow is a race with difficult and technical terrain, a little bit of coasteering, old medieval towns, deep forests, city centres, muddy wallies, streams and brooks, canyons and many beautiful panoramas. This race start at the bottom of the medieval town of Motovun, Croatia, and leads through steep climbs and slopes, wide paths, intact single tracks and charming hill towns – a real treat! The finish line was in the seafront in Umag, Croatia, and I finished as a second woman.

Something that fulfils and pleases me the most this year is that I finished the race UTMB Mont Blanc OCC which is the longest race for me so far, with the most climbing.

UTMB is a famous destination for ultramarathon running races in Europe in the Alps through 3 countries: Italy, Switzerland and France, and includes more than 22 000 competitors from all over the world.

The UTMB OCC (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc Orsières-Champex-Chamonix) is a 56km race with 3500D+ which is one of the eight races featured in the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc event that takes place annually at Chamonix in France.

The race begins in Orsières, Switzerland and finishes in Chamonix, France.

The route offers up breath-taking views of the valley and the peaks of the eastern flanks of Mont Blanc. I had the opportunity to see hanging glaciers and polished rocks, a true spectacle through nature.

I gave my best and I would run this race again when I get the chance.

The 2022 Skyrunning World Championships was held in the Ossola Valley, Italy.

The Bognanco Valley boasts splendid mountain landscapes where innumerable excursions entice you to discover paths, crests, peaks and Alpine lakes – a magic setting that stirs the imagination and fires the heart. I ran two courses: Vertical and Skyrace and I set a personal record in both distances, especially on the La Veia Sky Race, the same route I ran in 2019 – This year I have 1:15 faster time. I enjoyed running in the Аlps.

Besides racing, I won 3 titles:

-National woman champion in Mountain Running

-National woman champion in Vertical Kilometre

-National woman champion in Skyrunning

I must also mention the team competition between IT companies in our country – Mavrovo Maximum Adventure.

This event is intended for companies and is a kind of light sports team building with a competitive character, where teams compete in adventure sports in order to win the best.

Teamwork is dream work. We played hard, as always 🙂  and managed to place in second place.

I want to express my gratitude to Axapta Masters and my colleagues who supported and sponsored me. I do my best and I hope that I fulfill my obligations in work and skyrunning expectations.

Axapta Masters is a company that motivates its employees to upgrade both mentally and physically condition, also participates in many humanitarian actions, and is part of many sports and professional events. I wish this company all the best. Keep going!

What would you recommend to your colleagues?

I recommend everyone to get some physical activity because our responsibilities in the IT world are sedentary. The balance must be maintained, and we should not make excuses.


We are constantly inspired by the amazing stories and successes of our employees. That is why we strongly support them in realizing their dreams, hobbies, and interests in and outside the workplace.

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