Client visit experience – Retail industry

Building strong and positive relationships with our clients have been in the company core value system since the beginning of the Axapta Masters story. We believe that a good relationship with a client is the foundation where a group of people starts and maintains as colleagues in a friendly and positive working environment where the project can be executed successfully.

Recently we have finished three groups of weekly on-site visits to see how one of our clients, is managing to provide an excellent shopping experience to their customers that ranks them as a leader in the multi-channel retail industry. We speak about one of the Top 5 Retailers for Fashion, technology, and household products based in Germany.

Since the classic catalog business is being expanded by e-commerce, the company is proud of operating three online web and mobile shops very well. The company exports its product range to 30 countries worldwide.

Our technical team had the opportunity to see the processes they are encountering daily in Dynamics AX how are they committed in the real world, observing the entire process starting with receiving products in the inventory and ending with loading the products ready for transport on its way to the customers. It had great value to us because we had the opportunity to see the impact of an average day at work of software developers to a multi-channel retail company.

We must admit it is a challenge but also and pleasure for our technical team to collaborate with such a willing and approachable team on the other side. Our endeavor to provide our skills at a constant level with very demanding tasks was crucial to bring an important solution at the end that will help our client to provide its customers with a better shopping experience.

We hope on continued future collaboration and friendship with this client, where we will come at first to help if any future support is needed. Also, we believe after this experience we will help more companies working in this industry to handle their everyday work at many levels up.

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