Beyond Borders: A Positive Chronicle of On-Site Dedication in Mauritius

Business trips are difficult and tiresome however, some journeys are exceptional chapters of dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the ever-evolving business landscape. Our colleagues recently embarked on one such adventure, jetting off to the idyllic shores of Mauritius for a full “greenfield” D365 FO Implementation project that will challenge them every step of the way. The tale began a few weeks ago when the team was assembled and started their onboarding process with the client’s requirements evaluation.









Remote sessions were scheduled, and the broader Project teams initiated their workstream discussions. The project was underway nevertheless building team cohesion, increasing communication flows, understanding the various points of perception, and opening all the different communication channels requires face-to-face interactions.

November was chosen to assemble the team members for on-site workshops in the Project Offices in Mauritius. Overcoming time zones and challenging travel schedules, the team logged 17+ hours in transit. What could have been seen as a difficulty transformed into an opportunity for the team to build stronger bonds while experiencing turbulence and sleepless nights on the flights from their home to Mauritius. Regardless of the jet lag and the +3h time zone, the work activities must be honoured because the AXM team was not the only ones who had a long commute. The whole project team travelled from around the globe to be there and give their input to the project’s success. Project team members travelled from Australia, the UK, Egypt, South Africa, and Zimbabwe while others are joining in remotely from Canada, Tanzania, Malesia, etc.


The workdays were long and productive as everyone left their comfort zone and was focused on delivering quality and consistency to the project.

The AXM on-site presence in Mauritius is the first building block of the D365 FO Implementation. The late nights filled with work from the hotel in preparation for tomorrow, and the midnight calls with the team members from Australia, preceded by the calls with Canada and America are just a statement of the extra effort needed while being on-site.

Working amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Mauritius brings a unique vibrancy to the project. The colleagues not only navigated the intricacies of the D365 FO Implementation but also embrace the local culture, forging connections that go beyond professional collaboration. The blend of international expertise and the Mauritian way of life has created a dynamic synergy that promises innovative solutions with a lasting impact. As they continued to work tirelessly on-site in Mauritius, our colleagues served as a beacon of knowledge and positivity, proving that a project’s success is not just about reaching the finish line but enjoying every step of the journey.







The positive energy and knowledge projected by the team were evident. The client’s feedback for AXM and the overall team accomplishment during the on-site visit was more than positive. The benefits are going to be felt in the long run and throughout the project’s timeline. Our colleague’s commitment sets the tone for what promises to be a transformative D365 FO Implementation, with one core belief that every effort now is a seed planted in the greenfield of the project’s success. After reaching the planned objectives and deliverables defined for the On-site workshops, the AXM team set out for another 17+ hours of voyage back home.

There, from the Axapta Masters offices, the team will continue their work, enforced by the new connections and professional relationships, forged on the On-site visit to Mauritius. Stay tuned for more project updates from the on-site visits as our AXM team continues to turn challenges into results, step by step and mile by mile.











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