Axapta Masters On The Road 2022 – Part 3

In 2022, our team embarked on a journey to visit clients and explore new places, all while gaining valuable insight into different cultures Not only did we have the opportunity to provide custom solutions to our clients, but our team members also had unique travel experiences. This blog post recaps the numerous adventures as we visited multiple client locations, from meeting new people to trying new foods. Join us as we reflect on the highlights of our travels, including the clients we met, the new places we explored, and the diverse cultures we experienced.


Done shares his impressions from his trip to Penang, Malaysia.

“In the period August – December 2022 I had an unique opportunity to go to Malaysia on three occasions, for an onsite support requested by the client, during the Hypercare period after successfully GoLive. It was a really positive experience as I was finally able to connect all the dots, enhance my knowledge and dive more into the areas where I want to level up. While working in a really diverse and dynamic environment, in some situation a little bit tense, I had a feeling that I am able to add own value to the company, by sharing my knowledge with the end users and applying solutions for their problems. Having in mind the background of the company, that is really an insightful experience. The greatest takeaway of course is the opportunity to meet different people and participate in the knowledge transfer. It is one very friendly community and a melting pot of diversities.

Hence, apart from the benefits in professional context, these trips were lifechanging in terms of getting in touch with a variety of cultures. Malaysia is the largest and fastest growing economic region in the world, rich in culture, nature, heritage, and modernity. Different cultures, languages, and religions comprise a perfect symbiosis that sends a powerful message to humanity and peaceful coexistence.

Penang, the city where I was stationed, is a great example in this manner. Its streets are a centre for culture, street art, and the country’s best food, while the differences between traditional houses and skyscrapers, side by side, together with the nature divine and breath-taking temples, give this town a unique atmosphere.

Just one must be careful not to return with gained weight that is very likely to happen due to the temptation of different tastes. Fortunately, that did not happen to me thanks to the endless walks in rainforests and sand beaches.” 🙂



Elena brought her expertise to our clients in Poland.

“As a project manager, I’m leading a team of a wide range of experts from many different countries. Traveling onsite gave me the opportunity to meet in person the people I work with, learn more about their culture, and establish closer cooperation with them. The team was motivated to do teamwork, which is crucial for the successful delivery of the project. The reason for my trip to Poland was to manage the implementation of the D365 FO project in the automotive industry. Traveling was an amazing chance to successfully manage the project, expand my knowledge, gain new experience, immerse myself in a new culture and meet new people.”



Despina shares her impressions from her trip to Austria.

“It was nice to meet the whole team we work with in person, to share some thoughts and evaluate expressions of what’s good and what’s bad in the project workflow. Additionally, it was great that we saw some of the products we are working with – that way you get a clear picture of what and why you are migrating it the way it’s agreed on. All in all, it was a great opportunity to meet everybody and say cheers to our good teamwork with a beer or two.” 🙂


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