Axapta Masters On The Road 2022 – Part 2

In 2022, our team visited numerous client locations to better understand their needs and offer personalized solutions. From improving customer experience to streamlining operations, our team was able to provide valuable recommendations and drive success.

We are proud to share a summary of visits to client’s locations in 2022:

The Republic of Serbia and the Czech Republic

Miroslav visited the Republic of Serbia and the Czech Republic.

Me and my team are involved in the Program to roll out more the 40+ locations for one of our biggest clients, from their current ERP solution to Microsoft Dynamics D365 ERP System. The project/s itself demands to be vigilant and when needed and requested by the client to travel on-site to the company in question location. In this particular case for Wave2 rollouts I traveled to neighboring Serbia in the city of Subotica and to the Czech Republic in the city of Hustopeche. However, our teammates travelled to UK, Spain, Poland, and France as well. The experience gathered on-site can’t compare to the knowledge and experience gathered from working in the office. However, they both complement each other and create a great knowledge base for each individual. Being on-site provided a better understanding of our and the client’s perspectives and expectations.

Me and my team were able to oversee the complete production and warehousing process and see first-hand how the setups in the system are presented in real-time. This helped immensely to better understand the client’s requirements and the impact it might have when some part of the whole process is not functioning as intended.  In addition, it helped to increase the collaboration and communication between all teams involved and the relevant stakeholders.

The biggest benefit to the project itself was to get the teams and the people aligned to the common project goals so that we all focus our efforts to achieve them.

The on-site visits made long-lasting impressions on me and my team.  In addition to the work itself, we learned a lot about the culture and traditions in the locations we visited which has broaden our understanding and acceptance of cultural differences.
Being there together and facing and overcoming challenges made a stronger bond between us. From co-workers, some of them have become my friends for life. I’m sure they will recognize them self when they read this.


Natasha brought her expertise to our clients in France.

I am working as a Finance Analyst, and my responsibilities are our client’s global finance processes. We go directly to their offices to conduct better training of the key users, discuss open topics, and meet the whole team.  The teamwork that happens when you go for an on-site visit is something you can never have if you’re working online all the time. It was a great pleasure to share knowledge and collaborate with experts in different modules of D365.  Meeting the team in person motivated everyone and increased the level of collaboration between the analysts and the local team. This set the project quality on a higher level.


Ivana visited one of our clients in Belgium.

In June 2022 we visited one of our clients in Belgium. The client is a leading manufacturer of tortilla wraps and chips, snacks, salsas, spice mixes, and dinner kits for customer brands in Europe and beyond. We are providing support to them on a daily basis. Due to some slowness, they experienced in specific flows we decided to visit them and get the chance to see how they work. We worked closely with the people from the warehouse and gathered all the necessary information we need to investigate, analyse and improve the system. We met a lot of professionals from different departments, that we are daily communicating with. Was a pleasure for us to talk face-to-face with all of them. We had the opportunity to see the processes they are encountering daily in AX and how the third-party applications are integrated with these processes. Production and warehouse tours helped us a lot to get a real picture and gain knowledge of how they work, from producing the goods, packing, and transporting finished pallets via the bridge from the production site to fully automated warehouse building and loading the products for transport. We had a chance to try some of their products and we must admit, they are really tasty.



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