Axapta Masters On The Road 2022 – Part 1

The most successful client relationships are the ones that foster open communication, trust, respect, listening, caring, and understanding. Client visits provide a unique opportunity to develop and maintain strong partnerships. The more we know about our clients, the more we can cater to their needs, and adapt our work style.

During 2022, some of our employees visited some of our clients all over the world. Each of these visits with the aim to get to know their internal processes, and to better understand the business need. All in order to provide a high-quality service, explore new opportunities, and affirm pre-set goals.

We are proud to share a summary of visits to client’s locations in 2022:


Elena shares her impressions from her trip to the Netherlands.

“In May 2022 I was on a business trip together with my colleague Ilirjana in Veenendaal Netherlands to visit the client, we are working for. The reason for that visit was to get in touch with the team members that we are seeing every morning on our daily meetings, virtually. During our stay there we went to visit clients that we are working for, to look into their production processes more deeply. For me it was a unique experience, getting that close into the whole process of making beds or growing seeds. It helped us a lot in understanding their needs and gave me more knowledge about the way they are working. Our NL team has shown huge hospitality, and kindness and willing to show us more of their Dutch culture. Team events didn’t miss at all. Instead of developing a code we were developing cars using old small wheels, boards, nuts, and bolts which was a good test for our competitiveness. At the end racing with our “products” was unavoidable. We came back with lots of knowledge, good memories, new friendships and wishes to meet again”.




Ivana provided great insight about her trip to Spain.

“I was assigned to a Rollout project for our client as one of the analysts from Axapta Masters whose role was to implement D365 and give knowledge transfer to the Key Users that worked in the company. I had the opportunity to go to Barcelona three times during the project, where I met a lot of new people from various parts of the world who worked on the same project. Every time was more challenging than the previous, but at the same time, I had the opportunity to learn a lot from the key users about their processes, and how they work there and improve my knowledge in the specific area.

It was literally a knowledge transfer from both sides as we all had the same goal – a successful project and Go Live. It was work and pleasure indeed. Because the timing of the project was in the middle of the summer season in Barcelona, we used our free time and the weekends to explore the city and some other places near Barcelona and of course went a few times to the beach”. 



United Kingdom

Martin had a valuable experience during his visit in the UK.

“Newbury is a small town in West Berkshire with a population of 40 thousand and it is located 100km West of London. Around the town, there are a lot of industrial zones which are home to some of the biggest companies in the Automotive business. One of them is our client, a company that produces clamps for Automotive giants like BMW, Volvo, JLR, and many more.

That was the reason for my travel to Newbury. I was working on the rollout project for our client to Dynamics 365 which lasted around 5 months. In that period, I had a few multiple weeks trips to Newbury where I helped the team set up the system per their needs and requests and worked on improving their current processes using Dynamics 365.

In my time spent there, I had the opportunity to work with consultants from different countries and companies, gathering and sharing information. Apart from the consultants I have worked closely with the managers and the team leads for Production and Logistics, but also with the Warehouse and Production workers. There were some long shifts and very busy days at the plant, spending hours in the warehouse and the production floor, helping and resolving issues. After the workday is over, together with the other consultants we usually went for dinner at a nice restaurant in Newbury.

Although the trip was work-related, I had the weekends and a couple of national holidays in England to get the chance to visit a few cities and places around Newbury. I had the opportunity to spend a couple of weekends in London as well, which helped me relax and get ready for the new work week. One fond memory I have is that I was invited and attended a colleague’s barbeque party at his family house.

Overall, the trips to Newbury were very something that helped me reach a new level as a functional consultant both because of the knowledge acquired and being able to work on the spot at a huge company”.

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