Axapta Masters is organizing a free summer programming course for young adults from the SOS children’s village


We are excited and proud to share that this summer, we are organizing the first free summer programming course for young enthusiasts interested in IT and programming. The summer course was initiated by our team members, striving to set up an example about empowering young adults coming from socially vulnerable categories. This course is in collaboration with the SOS children’s village as part of their regional project “Youth empowerment enabling prospects,” which started in January 2020 and aimed to strengthen the employability of young people at social risk.



5 young adults will participate in the course which started in the middle of June, and it’ll last until the middle of September. They will learn the programming basics of object-oriented programming, C#, and SQL, through 78 classes. Besides the technical classes, they will have the opportunity to participate in so-called job shadowing with our team members and feel the working atmosphere in Axapta Masters. The young adults will learn more about how our company is functioning, the kind of projects we are working on, and how they can grow into future programmers.



At the end of the course, they will participate in career guidance classes, which are aimed to help them prepare for a career in the IT world, learn how to present themselves in interviews, and choose the best option long term. We want to express our gratitude to our team members who are included in this project as experienced lecturers, who will help and guide them through the whole process. Also, a big thank you to the collaborators and like-minded people from SOS children’s village, who embraced and supported our idea for this free summer programming course.



In today’s fast-paced society, everyone is facing different challenges, so it’s important for our company to make a positive impact in the community step by step, supporting different types of socially responsible activities. This way we are hoping that we’ll encourage other companies to think about giving back to the community and inspire their employees to participate in more socially responsible projects.




If you are interested to join our team of Masters, check out our careers page, we have open positions for Microsoft Dynamics enthusiasts in every field. 🙂 

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