2 State Championships and 8 first places in only 2 years, Elena Rtoska is our Wonder Woman for Skyrunning – People of Axapta Masters

Axapta Masters as company is supporting the employees in all of their endeavors, and this time are thrilled to have the opportunity to share Elena’s story, as we would like to call her ‘the Wonder Woman of Skyrunning’. With hers story we are starting the ‘People of Axapta Masters’ series of blog posts, where we’ll share the personal stories of our employees, their hobbies, and out of office activities. 

Why skyrunning or trail running? 

Apart from devoting time to work in the profession, you have chosen, it is nice to dedicate yourself to some physical activity – some kind of sport.

I chose trail running – mountain running or skyrunning as something that takes me away from everyday responsibilities.

Trail running helps me to think deeper, from every point of view, it also helps me to find my optimal work-life balance and relaxes me.

It’s nice when you finish a race, when someone cheers for you, and you do your best. It is even better when you have support from your friends, family and co-workers.
The experience when you finish first at the finish line is sensational, but what happens to you and your body during the training or race is an important thing that requires time and effort.

Like everything else, running requires preparation, it takes continuous running pace during the training/race, especially in some longer races such as the 21km mountain half-marathons and the 42km mountain marathons or some ultra-marathons. There is also a difference in mountain racing depending on how much D+ there is.


I train in the morning before coming to the office – 5 Avg Runs/Week. When my morning starts with coffee and trail running, I know I will finish tasks faster and more focused.
After training it is much easier to focus on different problems – to dedicate myself to work responsibilities. With training, anger is actually removed from you, and you are calmer after that…you reconcile that the obligations should be completed, so you try to do them the best way possible.



Races and personal achievements 

The most beautiful race I have ever run is the Skyrunning World Championships Skymarathon – 42km with 2800D+ at the BUFF Mountain Festival in Vall de Boí in the Spanish Pyrenees.  This race has really steep uphill and downhill. The festival was held on 9-11 July 2021 and I ran 2 races – Skymarathon and Vertical Kilometer (3.3km with 1030D+).


I have also competed in the European Skyrunning Championship in Italy in 2019 – La Veia Sky Race with 31km and 2600D+ in the Alps.

Also, there are races in which I finished first, as the first woman at the finish line, such as:

  • Titov Vrv SkyRace – 20km with 2000D+,
  • Pelister Trail 31km with 2200D+,
  • Vodno-Matka Trail 26km with 1650D+,
  • Momata Rock Trail 20km with 1100D+,
  • Kozjak Vertical Kilometer 3,7km 1050D+,
  • Chupino Winter Vertical 5km with 1030D+,
  • Shapka Vertical Kilometer 4.5km with 1050D+.
  • Krali Marko Trails 34km with 1750D+


Besides those, I have received 2 State Championship cups:
– First woman on the State Championship in Vertical Kilometer
– First woman on the State Championship in Skyrunning.

Unfortunately, I’ll not take part in Youth World Championships on Italian Alps this year, because the plan was changed due to the restrictions for Covid-19.
But of course, I still have races for the next 2 months like:

  • Pelister Ultra Trail Marathon – PUTM – 20km with 1100D+ /21.08.2021
  • Pirin Ultra Trail – Pirin Extreme 38K with 3400D+ /12.09.2021
  • Ohrid Ultra Tril – Samotska Trail 40km with 2000D+ /19.09.2021

I am currently preparing for the tough race in Bulgaria – Pirin Ultra 2021 – Part of Skyrunner World Series. The route has a length of 38K with 3400D+ with very technical and cruel terrain. It is challenging and I can’t wait to run that race.



Definitely, I recommend everyone to have some physical activity. Because, in order to have proper development, you need to include both physical and mental activity. Do what you love the most, eat healthily, your focus will improve with such activities and your overall physical and mental health. 



Thank you Elena for sharing your story, we wish you a lot of success and we’ll be cheering for you on every next race! 

If you are interested in becoming the next Axapta Master, check our open positions and send us your application. We’ll be more than happy to schedule a call and discuss your potential career opportunities as part of our team. 


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